How To Print Satellite Views Of The Google Maps Without A Computer

The Web-Enabled printer

Yep, it’s true. There is a video on how to use a Google Maps satellite view of your location to print driving directions from Google Maps on a printer. You know you are on the right track when you can see your destination from space.

How it works?

Find this interesting video. As a result of a recent Google Maps update, it has been possible to print out some quite useful satellite views on Google Maps.The video shows how to do so from the Web just like you would from the Google Maps app:All you need to do is go here and enter your latitude, longitude, and then click ‘Print’.You can either print it on paper or save it as an image; either way works fine.If you want to do it in the background (i.e., without having to wait until your printer has finished printing), you can right click on any of these images and choose ‘Save As’. Here’s another example:This is how I printed the driving directions from the Google Maps online (note that if you don’t have enough room for the image, zoom in on it):You should now be able to see all of your local roads as well as going to nearby places like Disneyland Paris which is located in France! You can also save these images as PDFs.More info about printing satellite views from Google Maps here . If you want more fun with satellite views, check out this interesting video:  ‘How To Print Satellite Views From The Google Map’ .


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